MRDNA does metagenomes!

Metagenomics is a rapidly evolving field through which scientists can elucidate some of the previously hidden insights into the vast array of microscopic life on the planet. Every day, scientists are gaining a better understanding of ecology, evolution, diversity, and functions of the microbial universe thanks to metagenomics. The fantastic scientists at MRDNA can sequence your metagenome samples quickly and in a cost effective manner, using their next-generation sequencing approaches. If you need samples sequenced visit them and ask what they can do for you! Go to their website at for more information.


  1. metagenome sequencing

    The use of the 16S rDNA sequence has been a valuable tool for evaluating the Where you can get 16S pyrosequencing, metagenome, fungal 

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  2. Metagenomics bioinformatics sequencing service | 16s microbiome

    5+ items – The metagenomic approach harvests and sequences the DNA 

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  3. [PDF]

    From Genomes to Metagenomes: Applications of – Brown University…/M%20Smith%20-%20MiSeq.pdf

    Unprecedented Walk-Away Informatics Solution. Automated secondary analysis for key applications: Resequencing. Amplicon sequencing. 16S Metagenomics.

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  4. 16s microbiome pyrosequencing service Where you can get genomes sequenced, service sequencing, 16S pyrosequencing, metagenome, fungal diversity, protozoan diversity, primer 

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  5. metagenome sequencing service MR DNA http://www.mrdnalab

    Sep 5, 2012 – Nov 23, 2011 – MR DNA LABORATORY next generation pyrosequencing, metagenome … diversity, 16s rrna, prices service, low cost, 

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  6. COVER: a priori estimation of coverage for metagenomic › … › Vol 4 Issue 3Abstract

    Apr 17, 2012 – When a substantial amount of 16S sequences is provided (between the real and expected results for two metagenomic sequencing projects.

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  7. Handbook of Molecular Microbial Ecology II: Metagenomics in … – Page 406 – Google Books Result
    Frans J. de Bruijn – 2011 – Science

    Taxonomic profiling of microbial communities is classically carried out by sequence analysis of the 16S-rRNA marker gene. Accordingly, metagenome sequence 

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  8. [PDF]

    Biotechnological prospects from metagenomics…/schloss.pdf
    by PD Schloss – 2003 – Cited by 325Related articles

    also resulted from random sequencing of metagenomic clones. Sequencing of clones carrying phylogenetic anchors, such as the 16S rRNA gene and the 

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  9. [PDF]

    High-throughput Metagenomics Analysis – Caspur

    cific variable region of the 16S gene in bacterial sequences (to be amplified by PCR). Gabriel Valiente (UPC). High-throughput Metagenomics Analysis.

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  10. [PDF]

    Metagenomics, environmental genomics, and the microbiome

    The roots of metagenomics. ▫ In the 1980’s Norman Pace used conventional. Sanger methods to sequence 16S rRNA genes from a sample of sea water.

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